An open group call with the Unquiet Collective for all your questions on impact producing

A 90 minute group zoom call for filmmakers, artists, writers and podcasters to ask the Unquiet Collective anything about impact producing, distribution strategy, media strategy, duty of care, collaborative filmmaking and more. 

The agenda will be defined by participants' needs and can cover impact producing 101, partnership building, non-theatrical distribution, impact revenue possibilities, education materials and release strategy. Discussions will be based on a range of case studies from our archives.

Each Unquiet90 session offers significant time to respond to specific issues raised by participants. We welcome your curly and curious questions!

This is also a chance to meet and connect with others interested in impact producing and social justice media, art and film projects.

We offer two solidarity tickets per session to First Nations and low income filmmakers, please email us directly to book these. hello@unquiet.com.au